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hi, my name is krystina.

i am an animal lover who also happens to be a photographer. combining my two passions in life, photography and animals, was one of the better decisions i’ve made in my 30 years. adopting my two dogs, oliver (ollie bear, bear, bear-bear) and lewis (lou, lou-lou, dodohead), was the best decision i’ve made.

you are most likely here because you are looking for a professional pet photographer. obviously, i would happily say that i’m the pro you’re looking for and have that be that, but i’ll give you a little more insight about my work with a brief background about me.

i had a very artistic upbringing. my family is full of artists and musicians. i happened to get the creative gene minus the musical capability (though, i’m not giving up just yet). i bring that artistic approach to my photography. anyone can sit a pet in a chair and snap a picture. i strive to take creative photographs that highlight the true personality that you see within your furry family members every day. they have such an impact on our lives and there’s no denying they love us unconditionally. my job (and privilege) is to capture some of those special moments in beautiful images you can look back on forever.

if you would like to know more about me or my work, feel free to email or call anytime.

let’s create some memories!
krystina and ollie
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